Brand design & art direction
(Designed at Spinach)

Rock 'n' roll  
super diner

ICHIBUNS is a Japanese burger dining concept developed by famed restaurateur, Robin Leigh. It draws culinary inspiration from the food capital of Hokkaido, whilst spiritually channeling the creativity, innovation and optimism of the post war Shōwa period. The result is a high spirited brand that packs a punch and embodies the creative-cultural revolution that gave birth to modern Japan.

The brand imagery is a kaleidoscopic collage of Japanese cultural references. It combines found Japanese imagery with bold, psychedelic colours and patterns. Inspiration comes from the colourful works of Japanese pop artist; Tadanori Yokoo and the countrys vibrant and eclectic culture.

The brand was rolled out across a wide range of assets, including social media, packaging and menus. Each touchpoint became a unique expression of ICHIBUNS' cheeky tone of voice and playful nature.

The project was in collaboration with Tokyo interior designers; Studio Glitt. The use of reclaimed materials, pop cultural references and eclectic styling creates an original, holistic and immersive brand experience.