Brand design

Comedy on
the edge

LOCO (an abbreviation of London Comedy) runs the world's largest comedy film festival. They champion the craft of comedy filmmaking and celebrate the UK’s rich comic heritage as well as humour from around the world. The spectrum of comedy on show is incredibly broad, from warm and emotional, through to intelligent and provocative. The positioning 'Comedy on the edge' was therefore developed to reflect a more nuanced and refined side to the captivating world of comedy film.

The wordmark is built from a group of geometric circles. The combination of soft curves and sharp edges represent both the lighter and darker sides to the art of comedy. This is perfectly captured in the semi-circle smile of the logo.

The semi-circle is used a graphic device throughout the brand. It rarely sits still and its erratic behaviour echos the unpredictability of the content on show. Bold typographic headlines evoke a cinematic spirit, whilst an accompanying traditional serif font adds a classic British flourish.

The brand continues to evolve and has been successfully applied across multiple festivals over the years. From social media and programmes through to film wreaths and even awards.